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       PTI filtration systems range from simple, in-line bleed air filters to “T-Type” filter assemblies and sophisticated hydraulic modules. These modules are actually complete hydraulic subsystems consisting of the main system relief valve, check valves, bypass valves, fluid sampling valves, temperature and/or pressure transmitters, differential pressure indicators, the filter element itself, and, in some cases, reservoirs and/or accumulators.


       Their product design team has produced literally hundreds of custom filtration applications. Industry leaders in the area of filtration, PTI Engineers are often asked to serve on industry filtration panels. Design support is provided by an integrated 3D CAD/CAM System with finite element and fluid dynamic analysis capabilities. We maintain a state-of-the-art test that specializes in the development and performance verification of filtration systems.


       Providing a broad range of product support programs for their customers. Their Oxnard facility is a full-service FAA/JAA approved overhaul and repair station. Additionally, Commercial airline and business aviation operators are serviced via our extensive network of stocking distributors. This network provides 24 hour, 7 days-a-week spare parts service and AOG support on a global basis.


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