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Micro Lamps began manufacturing miniature lighting products in 1975. Primarily focused on the electronic, aerospace, marine and automotive industries, we built our reputation by combining high quality products with responsive customer service. Clients especially like the fact that we have the resources to fulfill high volume needs while maintaining a personal approach to doing business.

Our corporate headquarters, which includes marketing, sales, engineering, quality control and warehousing, are in Batavia, Illinois, located within the Illinois Research and Development Corridor just 40 miles west of Chicago. Specialized manufacturing plants located in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China and the Philippines allow us to provide a broad range of miniature lighting products requiring unique technology and manufacturing processes. We combine state-of-the art equipment and careful research with the specific needs of product designers to create a constant flow of new and exciting products.

What does it all mean to you? It means we speak your language. Create solutions to fit your needs. And continuously improve. Our miniature lighting customers call Micro Lamps the best of all worlds.

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