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OSRAM SYLVANIA's leadership in the lighting industry results from our proud legacy, which extends back to the dawn of the twentieth century, and points the way for continued success in years to come. In fact, the history of our company parallels the evolution of electric lighting and its technological advances over the course of the twentieth century. It's a story rich in scientific discovery and successful entrepreneurship, which spans both sides of the Atlantic.

In recent decades, SYLVANIA and OSRAM developed lighting products with longer life, better light and greater energy efficiency. Important advances were made in the development of discharge lamp technology. In the 1980s, the SYLVANIA Octron® fluorescent lamp and the OSRAM Dulux® compact fluorescent lamp represented major innovations.

OSRAM SYLVANIA in its current form was created in January 1993, when OSRAM GmbH acquired the SYLVANIA lighting and precision materials businesses in North America from GTE. The company remains a global leader in innovative lighting products and services.


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