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Emergency Power supply units, also known as ESPU's provide a backup source of power if the normal supply to the cabin interrupts. These units supply direct current to:


  • Overhead emergency lights in the cabin,

  • Floor emergency path marking lights,

  • Exterior emergency lights.


With two built in NiCad batteries, these small units can provide power to the emergency lights for at least 12min. The units monitor their environment and signal any problems with the lights or available power.


Basic functionality of the units are generally the same. While other aspects of the units are different. Such as the batteries which are custom fitted to individual aircrafts. As shown in the table to the right.





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3121-01/10 3117-01 Airbus A300 B2/B4
3214-40/41 3214-30/31 Airbus A300-600 and A310
3124-54/55-X0 3214-30/31 Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321
3214-60/62-X0 3214-30/31 Airbus A330/A340
3121-11 3117-01 Jetstream
3214-73 3214-30/31 Dornier DO328
3301-11/51 3301-31 Saab 2000 and Saab 340
3400-20 3301-31 Global Express